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We have a pool of pre-screened apprentices ready to work today!

Our professional staff will work with you to find the right apprentice for the job. Whether you have fluctuating project work, are expanding operations, or dealing with high turnover, we identify qualified apprentices who meet your specifications and fit your corporate culture.

We work with you to:
  1. Manage recruitment and make sure you get the best person for the job.

  2. Alleviate your administrative payroll burdens. We assume responsiblility for the processing of and all legal obligations related to the apprentices' wages, payroll deductions, employment insurance and workers’ compensation.

  3. Complete all apprenticeship related paperwork.

  4. Arrange technical training to support apprenticeship completion.

  5. Rotate apprentices to suit your workload and to support apprentice training requirements.

  6. Monitor and support on-the-job training to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  7. Provide full field support for our apprentices.

Our goal is to meet your labour needs by providing skilled apprentices who match your job specifications.

Contact us today to discuss your skilled trades hiring and development needs.


Registration and Job Placement

Finding the right fit is easy. We sponsor apprentices and place them with Host Employers who need skilled workers. Through our case management system, we support our Apprentices throughout their apprenticeship and from start to finish of every job placement.

How it works
  1. You register with us as a Host Employer
  2. We confirm a safe work environment for our apprentices
  3. We work together to determine the level of apprentice needed
  4. You submit a Work Order when ready
  5. We identify qualified candidates who match your specifications
  6. You select the best candidate
  7. We verify job placement details
  8. We dispatch the Apprentice to your job
  9. We provide ongoing support.

1.     Register with us as a Host Employer

We meet with you to assess your needs and ensure that Group Training is an effective solution for your business. We will establish a Host Employer Agreement with you and set you up in our system so we are able to supply apprentices whenever you are ready to hire.

2.     Confirm safe work environment

Our Field Services Rep will discuss safety with you to ensure you offer a safe work environment for the apprentices entrusted to your care. It is important to identify a tradesperson who is qualified to supervise and train the apprentice in their trade, preferably a certified journeyperson.

3.     Determine level of apprentice needed

We work with you to identify the core work activities for the trade(s) requested. This understanding of your business needs will help us to match apprentices at the level most suitable to the types of work you do. This exercise may improve work process and reduce costs.

4.     Submit a Work Order

When you are ready to hire fill out a Work Order detailing the job requirements. We will work with you to ensure the Work Order clearly reflects your needs so we are able to match the best candidate for the job.

5.      Identify suitable candidates

We will identify candidates based on your specifications. All of our apprentices undergo a detailed screening process, including reference checks, skills identification, safety awareness and workplace communication. Our apprentices have all completed the Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) program.

6.     Select the best candidate

Once we have identified a candidate or candidates, you will have the option of conducting your own interview or we can make the selection for you.

7.     Final verification of job details

Before dispatching the apprentice we will contact you to confirm project details, including: start date, expected duration, work hours, job site location and contact. At this time we will also verify your candidate selection and their associated bill-out rate.

8.     Dispatch the apprentice to your job

Following confirmation of project details the apprentice will be dispatched to your jobsite.

9.     Monitoring and support

Our professional staff will provide ongoing support for both the Apprentice and the Host Employer from the first day on the job through to completion of each placement.

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