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Advanced Entry Trades Training

An innovative approach to trade certification

We use an advanced entry trades training strategy to recognize workers’ prior learning and work experience against industry standards providing them with advanced standing towards trade certification. The purpose is to increase the number of apprentices working in different sectors and to reduce the completion time for trades certification for apprentices with previous trades experience. This is achieved through targeting recruitment for four key groups.

  • Individuals who have started an apprenticeship but have not completed
  • Individuals who have foreign trades qualifications or related education and have not obtained recognition in Canada
  • Individuals who have extensive trades experience but lack formal qualification
  • Former military workers who have transferrable trades experience.

We use advanced entry trades training strategies to recruit, train, and assist with certification of skilled trades persons to support major infrastructure projects in BC.

Workforce Development

Supporting employers' workforce strategy

We offer a number of innovative services designed to support employers’ workforce development strategies.

They include but are not limited to:

  • Labour supply and demand analysis
  • Workforce training strategies and practices
  • Workforce diversity (women, aboriginal people, immigrants, mature workers)
  • Recruitment and selection strategies and practices
  • Performance standards and performance evaluation
  • Training plans
  • Foreign experience assessment and credential recognition
  • Skills profiles and potential shortages
  • Access to government resources (grants, tax credits, etc.)

Industry and Government Services

Supporting industry and building partnerships

We work directly with the industry associations and government to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among employers, communities, government and other stakeholders regarding building BC’s competitive advantage through highly skilled workforces and proactive employment and training practices.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Industry consultations on workforce development and training strategies
  • Partnership building for training and employment
  • Industry networks for sharing knowledge and best practices
  • Employment and career services
Value Proposition
  • Addresses persistent critical skill shortage issues
  • Political “good news” story
  • Focuses labour market equity objectives (e.g. First Nations, Women, Immigrants)
  • Partnerships with highly strategic sector
  • Financial returns from increased tax revenues from well-paid workers and profitable firms
  • Support for out-of-trade apprentices and better safeguard for training investment.